What is PinGo2 ?

  • A free APP built with the innovative location-based technology
  • One click to share the real-time location among your own community
  • Managing and caring for all your PinGo2 members anytime & anywhere

Who needs PinGo2 ?

Family Members
Your Loved Ones
Business Operations

Why PinGo2 ?

  • Ideal for both Family & Business users
  • Fast, Simple and Easy to use
  • No additional system or device required
  • User-friendly ePanel for your peace of mind
  • Data encryption enabled and with 24/7 online support

Start PinGo2 now ?

3 simple steps to install and complete the setup:

Click "Subscribe"
Create your account with an email address
Get your MyPinGo2 password or QR Code
Login to the ePanel and get the password or QR Code (Android Only)
Pair the Target Device(s) with your MyPinGo2 Account
Install the "PinGo2" APP on the target cell phone(s)/ tablet(s) and enter MyPinGo2 password or scan the QR code for pairing

PinGo2 features ?

PinGo2 APP

  • Highest precision location service enabled
  • Real-time location will be shared in every 60 seconds
  • Positioning record won’t be updated when indoors or your device becomes idle
  • Featuring “CLICKS”: (1) Share Location (2) Call Me When Free
  • Enlarged date & time display
  • Multiple languages support: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)

("MyPinGo2" APP/Online Portal)

  • Pair up to a maximum of 8 PinGo2 APP
  • 1 dedicated ePanel login account
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Real-time tracking
  • Route history record
  • 2 Geo-fences
  • Auto alarm acknowledgement
  • 3 days data storage (Alarm, Route history)
  • Multiple languages support: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)
Online Portal
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